RADEL SA - Electronic Systems and Components

Company Profile

Radel SA was founded in the mid 50’s in Istanbul as an independent distributor of electronic systems and components, seeking to strengthen its position in a challenging and intensely competitive industry. In 1990 Radel was transferred to Greece where our business was grown, expanding our partnerships with larger enterprises and more specialized suppliers In USA and Far East. For more than two decades of hard work, with excellent research and prudent investment, Radel was transformed into a respected stocking distributor, gaining a significant position in the domestic market.

Radel focuses in supplying a broad range of high quality products such as specialized components, functional modules, power supply systems, security systems, POS, led light components etc, and to offer exceptional service with an in-depth technical knowledge. Being one of the largest distributors in diversity of components, Radel maintains a physical stock of over 30.000 line items renewing this stock regularly.

Through the geographical position close to Far East Manufacturers in sea transportation and large warehouse Radel is already a preferred partner for EU distribution center

In the context of continuous improvement and research we are looking towards the future by offering services and products in the domain of Internet of Thinks (IoT) and communication systems and solutions.

several turnkey solar projects were done in the last decade, nowadays smaller solar applications are fully supported.  Lately Radel is involved in telemetry projects for urban, agricultural and industrial projects having developed a platform for telemetry, remote management and handling street lighting, parking solutions, metering etc

The continuously expanding experience and training of staff in new technological issues, give Radel the authorization to provide solutions and proposals to our diversified customer base.




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