Leading electronic systems and components

RADEL is one of the oldest companies in the field of electronics having the widest stock and availability of rare, commodity but also state of the art systems and components

Having in stock a broad range of high quality products

Radel focuses in supplying a broad range of high quality products such as specialized components, functional modules, power supply systems, security systems, POS, led light components etc, and to offer exceptional service with an in-depth technical knowledge. Being one of the largest distributors in diversity of components, Radel maintains a physical stock of over 30.000 line items renewing this stock regularly.

Through the geographical position close to Far East Manufacturers in sea transportation and large warehouse RADEL is already a preferred partner for  EU distribution center


Radel's e-shop

Visit Radel’s  new updated online store and find everything you need through a huge range of high quality products. We offer rare parts and a great variety of systems


Eugicom Enterprise Communications

Communication above the boundaries of your office! A total solution for Small and Medium enterprises that cover all your communication needs offering added business value.


Cling – Internet of Things Platform

The Internet of Things allows objects to be sensed and controlled remotely across existing network infrastructure, for direct integration between the physical world and Web.